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In an era of integration and globalization more often a man moves, using the intercity and international transportation, making not only the business travel, but also travel with the purpose of rest and relaxation. Of course, everyone wants to make your trip as comfortable as possible, with the least number of changes. Comfort is needed and when buying tickets, therefore, the last time, a large widespread purchase of tickets through the Internet. Tourists a new generation select a ticket via the Internet.

Another thing, if you need to choose the most cheap airplane tickets, but how and where to get them, many do not know. Much depends on the one who is sent on a trip. If You want to foresee everything in advance, plan your route ahead of time for You to open up unlimited possibilities for the optimization of their ways and maximum savings on the cost of tickets. You simply connect to the Internet and considering options for travel, meet Your requirements and meet Your goals. Tickets online you can pick up on the desired flight or railway transport, taking into account all transplants in the way. Next, we will discuss the topic, how to buy cheap airline ticket directly in the airline, not overpaying intermediary companies.

There are three ways of problem solution:

Option # 1.
Follow the спецпредложениями and shares of aviation companies.

Option # 2 .
Use of resources-based aggregators to search for tickets.

Option # 3.
Use the services of companies that provide only cheap variants of flights.
In our article we will explain in detail each of the options.

1. Shares and спецпредожения.
So, in the first case a few weeks of the flight, You are viewing in the network of supply and sales, outgoing from carriers by air. This should be done in advance in order to buy tickets online comfortably and without overpayments. Usually, all of reduction of prices and the sale of air companies-carriers spend in front of the big holidays, in the early spring or autumn. Remember, also, that before the New Year, Christmas and Easter tickets get the hardest part. And the proposal, type «ticket cheap» in this period You can't find. If You're searching for, you will need to get high and have time to buy tickets for the equity offering. It's fast convenient you can do online. After all, in just a few clicks, You confirm your choice of virtual ticket, pay for it through the electronic system, while he was still in stock. Because of advantageous offers very quickly disassembled. Shares in the airline companies spend in the season of the fall of the volume of passengers on short terms - up to 60 days maximum.

Using спецпредложениями, read the terms of shares, in order to avoid unpleasant situations on the day of departure. Firstly, at a reduced price to the number of seats is usually limited to, besides not all the flights of this company may be exposed to the offer and not every day. Secondly, promo offers often limit the circle of people of a certain status, age or social status. Thirdly, the amount of baggage for a special transport may be limited to the minimum weight. All of this should be clarified before the purchase of air ticket. After all, to rescheduling or the surrender of such ticket is not always possible with reimbursement of the full cost. Companies - carriers ,providing the opportunity to purchase tickets online on суперцене negatively related to the passengers, changed its decision on the trip, which should return the money for the ticket. These proposals are not designed for refusals. Therefore, if Your trip in question, it is better to buy ordinary tickets or documents for the trip, where there is a date. It can be put down, when will be the exact certainty from the client.

2. Resources-based aggregators.
Aggregate - then merge. On the Internet such resources provide links to all the proposals of the most popular airlines. Often they even offer a synthesis of information on comparison of prices between suppliers. At such websites, you can learn the information for 30-60 days prior to the date of departure. A classic example of this aggregator is сайтВсем tickets, at
Having familiarized themselves with the consolidated data on the prices and offers, you can click on the links on the site-aggregator, interesting for You the address. So You will easily find the carrier with the best rates and even book a ticket.

3. Lowcosters or discounters.
This company, offering transportation by economy class. Such company is a widespread phenomenon in Europe. And in Belarus or the Russian Federation of their units. For example, АирБалтик - traditional carrier, which in addition to the prestigious tickets and business class ,can offer economical option, if You purchase the tickets online. In connection with a great demand for tickets for the flights of the Belarusian capital, for example, they rarely can be found. If You need to get to Minsk from the CIS, the flights is chosen the capital - the city of Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Another representative of the discounters - company sky Express from Russia. Sky Express представляетс German carriers to cost-effective offers, such as АирБерлин or ДжеманВингс, which offer online tickets for internal flights. In February they have traditionally sell tickets for the summer months. Promotions can be used by buying tickets through the Internet at reduced prices in a period of twenty-four hours from the moment of the order. Hundreds of thousands of discounted tickets for airplanes are sold through the Internet daily. Now the German aviation company also sell the tickets and the Ukraine, for example, air tickets Kyiv.

Online tickets from lowcosters or discounters are very attractive for the price, almost in one and a half-two times cheaper than similar offers of other companies. This plus the discounters have because economize on everything, and win on the volume of the sold tickets. Often takeoff of the aircraft is uncomfortable with the bands, and flights are made in time «Windows», often at night or very early in the morning. Passengers with economy-tickets should prepare for a number of not too pleasant moments. But the best is bad to fly than good to go on foot.

Most of the aircraft companies of low-cost airlines are in perfect condition. Have new aircraft means to save on repair and maintenance. Moreover, the new machines are equipped with modern fuel-efficient engines. Which allow you to use less fuel, under other equal conditions.

The passenger, a selective company, which specializes in low cost flights, one should bear in mind that they will have to pay all of the related services - catering, delivery of cargo, registration. Often in the ticket does not even indicate the number of places for sitting in flight. With such tickets passenger takes any free space, as in urban transport. The power supply is not included in the cost of the flight, and regulations on the Luggage of passengers are very limited.

In conclusion, we suggest you follow these simple guidelines, if You want to buy tickets:

1. From the many features included in the service of transportation of the passenger, depends on the cost of the ticket. Buying cheap tickets - you just refuse a number of accompanying services, without which it is possible to do.

2.Купить tickets at a discount, if you can plan a trip in advance, by studying the proposals of discounters for 30-60 days prior to departure.

3. Pre-trigger the reservation of places for landing. To the terms of the purchase also depends on the cost of the ticket.

4. When searching for discount tickets do not need to search for tickets in one direction. This type of ticket you must buy at once in both the end.

5. Remember that promotional offers for tickets for planes, you can often find in the Internet network. You only need to availability of computers with access to the world wide web.

Using the services of our resource «All tickets», You will be able to buy for the most pleasant prices and air tickets and railway tickets, and tickets for the bus.



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